Band Bio

No Blitz, a band founded in Washington, D.C., rocks both hard and soft, conjuring up 90’s alternative with a nod to what you’re hearing on the airwaves today. Influenced by the likes of Foo Fighters and REM, it’s no wonder No Blitz is part of the 90’s rock revival that’s sweeping the nation.

Having just returned from SXSW, No Blitz will focus most of their upcoming shows on the East Coast, where they tour extensively. Follow them on Twitter or Facebook to know when they’ll be playing at a venue near you.

Ryan Wogh

Ryan left home at the age of 16 to pursue his passion of lumberjacking. After a failed career due to a festering bear attack wound, he was forced into isolation where he would teach himself guitar and ultimately write the first songs the band would play. After restlessly following the scent of Splenda and Beef Jerky from the city, he managed to live happily sweeping barber shops in the DC metro area for several years until he was able to afford the haircut and shave that would allow him into most public establishments. He then found himself as the baritone in a barbershop quartet named “Raking Forward Monday” until he heard a homeless man drunkenly screaming ‘Hey, Soul Sister’ and knew that it was his destiny to fix mainstream music in the 2010s.

Dan Horner

Dan came up in Lancaster, PA and is a true sob story when it comes to overcoming the odds. As part of the Lebanese community (one of the lesser known Civil rights movement contributors), families sacrificed everything to support the cause, never skimping on the finest of berets. Malnourished and outcast, he sought acceptance in local Dungeons and Dragons communities. Eventually Dan was able to stand proud as graduating class of 1978 from Brigham Young University Hawaii as a Doctor of Chiropractic. As he experienced the wild highs and lows of his practice, Dan’s memories don’t resume until he was found head banging a wall while playing bass in a Motley Crue cover band. He was kicked out for wearing Depends on stage and promptly recruited by the members of No Blitz who happened to be in attendance.

James Cichra

James was raised by his three younger sisters in Pittsburgh, PA. As an obviously talented athlete, he pushed himself too hard during training for the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics and still refuses to speak with his figure skating partner, Mario McTavish. As a result, he wound up in a mental institute where the only treatment that invoked positive response involved him playing the violin endlessly on a single note. His recovery developed into extensive guitar lessons as he neared his reintroduction to society. Alas, he wandered into the band’s first practice in nothing but a hospital gown several hours after release. Mario has yet to attend a gig and has gone on record for saying that he is still “Just a Friend”.

Nick Lopiano

Nick grew up knowing he would fulfill his destiny by carrying on his family's legacy in the Fairfax mafia. However, organized crime in Northern Virginia was crippled when the Mani pulite investigations incriminated almost everyone he knew. Left alone to run Alpine Restaurant and Bar, Nick spent the lonely nights after closing doing paradiddles with spatulas on the grease trap until the final close in 2010. He then sought solace as a gym rat and became so passionate that it led to a career in training local celebrities. It was then that Nick met his first client, Ryan aka rock superstar aka muscle factory aka national heart throb, and was asked to audition as the band's drummer after demonstrating impeccable rhythm on the squat machine.